Inner section of catalogues

If you would like to order catalogues, you have three options of submitting the print files for the inner section:

  • We prefer: Consecutive single pages in a PDF file
  • Consecutive single pages in several PDF files
  • Single pages as individual TIFF, JPEG or PDF files

We impose the catalogue inner sections for you, i.e. arranging and positioning the pages on the sheet. For this reason, please prepare your print files in single pages instead of double pages or export consecutive single pages in a PDF file if you have already created double pages.

Catalogue cover

We need the print files for the cover of catalogues readily imposed in a two-page document (outside and inside of the cover, each including spine). 

Four-sided cover

In a four-sided cover, the reverse side of the cover (4) is on the first page of your document to the left, the spine in the respective width is in the centre and the front or title page is to the right (1). The same applies to the inner section of the cover on the second document page: The inside title page (2) is on the left, the spine is in the centre and the inside reverse side is to the right (3).

Six-sided cover

If you would like to order catalogues with a six-sided cover, i.e. with a flap in the front and back, both the flap and the page adjacent to the flap must be designed shortened in the print file due to the fold.

  • Page adjacent to the flap: width of the cover − 2 mm
  • Flap: width of the cover − 12 mm

Additionally, the width of the flap can be shortened if you want a smaller flap.

With a six-sided cover with the flap on the back, the arrangement of pages in the imposed print file looks as follows: To the left of the first page of the document (outside) is the flap (5), shortened by 12 mm, in the centre the reverse side of the cover (6), shortened by 2 mm, and to the right the spine in the respective width and at the extreme right the front or title page of the cover (1). On the second page of the document (inside), the inside title page (2) is located at the left, the spine in the centre and to its right the inside reverse side (3), shortened by 2 mm, and the inside of the flap (4) at the extreme right, shortened by 12 mm.

Calculating the spine width

The spine width can be calculated from the page number of the inner section and the paper weight:
Spine width = number of pages inner section : 2 x paper weight: 1000


Catalogue with 128 pages in the inner section and a paper weight of 135 g/m²

Spine width = 128 pages : 2 x 135 : 1000 = 8.64 mm

Observe safety margin

Important texts, logos and other illustrations that must not be cut off must be positioned at least 5 mm (more if possible) from the edge of the final format.


More information on bleed & safety margin

Naming singe files correctly

If you send us the inner section in several files with one page or several pages respectively, please name the files such that they are consecutively numbered.

Example: “Catalogue_01.pdf”, “Catalogue_02.pdf”, “Catalogue_03.pdf”, etc.

Covers created individually must also be named clearly.

Example: “Catalogue-Cover_04_01.pdf”, “Catalogue-Cover_02_03.pdf”.

Read more information on naming multiple-page documents.