Contour cut

Creating the cutting contour

Print products like advertising boards are now optionally available with contour cut. The contour cut allows giving the print product an individual form. For this matter, the print files require an additional cutting/milling contour in a new spot colour (e.g. 100 % Magenta) titled “CutContur”. This serves as a guide for cutting and will not be printed.

Please observe the following when designing a cutting contour:

  • Define a new spot colour titled “CutContur”, e.g. in 100 % Magenta for the cutting contour
  • Design cutting contour as closed vector path with as little branch points as possible
  • Avoid delicate motives and pointed edges (the corner radius must not be below 4 mm)
  • Safety margin for texts and graphic elements to the cutting contour: at least 3 mm
  • Cutting tolerance with contour cut: approx. 1-2 mm
  • File format: PDF