Useful promotional items are appreciated by both customers and employees. We use mugs and cups every day and usually already for our morning coffee. This repeated use is the key to boosting awareness for your brand. Our mugs have a capacity of 300 to 350 ml and some models are available with coloured handles or insides. They are usually made of ceramics and some mugs feature a spoon and holder. Despite the variety of printed promo mugs available, there are many possibilities to create extraordinary mugs that stand out from the rest.


There are different options to choose a suitable promotional mug in terms of shape and print area. Conical mugs have a more classy appearance whereas straight-sided mugs give an impression of solidity. Printing a large design is possible for example on the Vieste sublimation printed mug and the Montevideo ceramic mug which offer up to 19 x 8 cm of space for your imprint. The Alhambra sublimation printed mugs are truly eye-catching with their shiny gold, silver or copper finish. The mug models Lissabon and Savannah in contrast allow you to specify a special colour. We print these models with one or two spot colours of your choice. Or how about the heat-sensitive Sirmione sublimation printed mug as a twist on the classic coffee mug? It creates a real WOW effect because it changes the colour when pouring a hot drink inside, making the printed design appear as by magic.


Depending on the mug model, you have different areas to print your design on, from 4 x 4 cm to 19 x 8 cm. When printing on coloured mugs, it is important to match the colours of the printed image to the mug colour. Ideas for cup printing include your logo, company name, claim and quotes but also full-area images and simple visuals that get your advertising message or company philosophy across as effectively as possible. The best way to impress mug users is with imprints that address them directly or get them thinking. You could also create small mug collection series where each mug features a different design. For example, print higher runs of three different mugs each showing a different motif. The overall design will only be visible when all mugs are together. This boosts the mugs' appeal by making people wonder about the motif and making collectors want to have them all. But one thing is for sure: Your customers will actively engage with your imprint.

Tip: To assure that the print doesn't fade, we recommend to hand wash the mugs only.

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