Pavement signs


Grab the attention of people walking by with pavement signs printed on both sides. Also called A-frames or sandwich boards, the A1 sidewalk signs are ideal to promote special offers and highlight your product range, special events or campaigns. This will pique your target customers' curiosity and draw them into your store. If your shop is located in a courtyard, the sidewalk sign can act as a signpost that will encourage walk-ins. But the pavement signs can also be used indoors to help customers navigate your store.


The anti-glare coating protects the printed graphics of the sidewalk signs against fading and sunlight. The collapsible aluminium frame will keep the prints on PVC banner material dry so that you can use the eye-catching sidewalk signs throughout the year in any weather.


We always deliver a set of two prints for both sides of the sandwich board display which are easy to change. Just order PVC banners with new graphics for your frame to highlight seasonal offers and campaigns. Thanks to the transparent protective film, you can also use A1 posters in the A-frame of the sidewalk sign which are available from one copy in our online shop. The posters are ideal for indoor presentations, whereas the PVC banner material provides durability for outdoor applications.

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